Having the right marathon running clothes and gear can make all the difference in how you feel and stay comfortable during your long marathon run.

Marathon shoes should give you plenty of support and running clothes like a marathon shirt and shorts  should be light and breathable. Of course, always depending on the weather we will dress appropriately in layers.

Running Shoes

Running 42 Km requires a strong mental constitution, lots of time and patience, and a great pair of sneakers.

An ideal marathon training and racing shoe is a highly individual matter, what will works for your running buddy likely won’t work for you.

  • The most important thing to look at when picking out a pair of shoes is the immediate comfort.
  • Don’t run in a new pair of shoes on race day

We have chosen to run with

Vivian: adidas parley ultra boost

Polly: adidas ultraboost uncage 


Many runners will race in less clothing than they would train in, and choose their race day clothing based on the weather conditions for that day.

By race day, we want to have tested out all of your kit and know your favorite items, plus what temperature they are most suitable for, so you can make a good  choice on the day.

We have chosen to wear this black adidas compression shorts by Sport Gallery that really do wonders in supporting achy muscles.

These shorts have a snug, firm hold and  the material is definitely thin and breathable.

Running Socks

Adidas compression socks are our go-to calf support through some of our toughest running races and training.
The benefits is that graduated compression increases oxygen delivery to the muscles, improves blood circulation to the heart and speeds the removal of lactic acid.

Running watch

Track, train and improve

Better battery life, improved performance insights and smarter design, these are just some of the things we’ve come to demand.

The watch we will be running in is ​Garmin Forerunner Music:

The first Garmin device to boast a built-in music player, the Forerunner has storage for up to 500 songs so you can connect to your Bluetooth headphones and run phone-free. However, this stylish, lightweight watch is a serious running tool too. It’s incredibly easy to use, extremely customisable and its vast array of running, multi-sport and fitness features make it stand out.

The GPS is excellent with super fast hookup and reliable accuracy while built-in optical heart rate