7 Days left for our 1st time to participate at the Athens Authentic Marathon.  42K that require maximum amounts of dedication, patience and perseverance in order to show up prepared for success on race day. The final countdown has began, leading up to the big event.

Each day from today we will be sharing with one tip of the day, preparing ourselves for Sunday.

TIP #1 

Nothing New on Race Day

This is the most obvious interpretation of the rule. You’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again just to be covered: Don’t try anything on race day that you haven’t practiced during training. You must have tested different midrace fuel options, amounts you might need, and timing on your long run trainings and have took note of what works for you on race day. Once you have found the nutrition for you, be sure to bring it to the starting line.

This also goes for new gear. Don’t wear shoes you bought at the expo or the free shirt you got in your goodie bag during the race.