“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe”

Do you ever start flowing and feel completely the vibe?

You are in a zone and you feel like you could flow forever.

Or do  you ever  get so captivated with your session that your stressful day melts away, time just disappears for that moment and you feel surprised when your practice is over?

Experiencing your  “flow” is tied closely to personal happiness.

This “flow” may refer to any activity, not just yoga, where you are completely engaged and absorbed. You feel accomplished and happy.

How  to help you find “flow” :

  • It  happens when you do something you really really love
  • It is associated with development and personal growth.
  • You are motivated and challenged to perform your best
  • ENJOY the activity and pursue expertise or specialization, in order to improve your knowledge over time.