It’s a perfect day, and you really want to work out. You trying to find someone to hang out, who will give you an incentive. Bad news: No one is interested!

And yet there is someone … he has four legs and lives in your house!

It has been proven that your hairy friend can be a very good motivation for  your training that will make you go beyond your limits and a little more.

  1. He/ She motivates you.

Using your dog as a motive to take a walk is a great way to get out more. In addition, it is win-win situation, both for you and your dog. You will come home exhausted and ready for a small nap after walking.

  1. He/ she will never cancel.

Unlike your friends, trying to persuade them every Sunday to work out, your dog is definitely not going to cancel or tell you he has no appetite.

  1. He/ She never complain

In addition to his panting tongue that he/ she will pull out when he’s tired, your dog will always be excited about the new exercise. Science proves that emotions are contagious.

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  1. You will both get fresh air

By squatting or lunging indoors can also give you the results you want on your legs. However, by running and throwing your dog’s favorite game, it’s not just a great way to get you fitter; it will also get you a good dose of fresh air. This reduces stress levels and increases your positive mood.

  1. It does not feel like a workout

Playing with your dog may not look much like a dynamic workout, but more of a game. Still, it distracts you and you do not think about what time it is, nor do you constantly check your watch to see how many calories or kilos you’ve been burning. You cannot imagine how fast the time is spent in each workout.

  1. It’s free

Training with your dog saves money. You will not end up for coffee or shopping. Instead of spending your money, you will build your relationship with your best friend, making him very happy by dedicating more time for him.