Yeap, everything is easier when you have your BESTIE to do it with. You need to recruit that one friend that has a similar schedule, who will support you & motivate you!

100% more likely to roll out of bed at 7 a.m. for that sweat sesh if you know that someone is there waiting for you and you are not alone in it.

Just think about it: you are hanging out with you buddy,  exercising and  sweating it out all in one go!

Your bestie will keep you feeling engaged, make your workout more interesting & challenging by setting different goals.


Video Credits by Morfination_planet


  • 5K run/walk

3 Rounds of

  • 45′ Squats
  • 45′ crunches
  • 45′ jump squats
  • 45′ Lunges
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 10 Sprints 100m
  • 45′ Jump lunges ( keep balance by holding hands)