4 Day Marathon Countdown: Tip #4 Skincare

Running is already tough on skin, so why  not take care of it? Training and running outdoors can really dry out your skin super fast, and since you are not covering your face up it

5 Day Marathon Countdown: Tip #3 Nutrition

Don't forget the most crucial part of your training plan: Nutrition. Recharging your body with good nutrition is a really important part of taper week. You need to base your diet on fruits, vegetables, whole

6 Day Marathon Countdown: Tip #2 Strength [VIDEO]

#adidasRunnersAthens So we’ve conquered all of the other races – 5K, 10K, half-marathon… now, it’s time for the big show: our very first marathon! Marathon training doesn’t have to exclusively be about the running. We encourage

7 Day Marathon Countdown: Tip #1

#adidasRunnersAthens 7 Days left for our 1st time to participate at the Athens Authentic Marathon.  42K that require maximum amounts of dedication, patience and perseverance in order to show up prepared for success on race day.